Sync is an exciting new startup that solves one of humanity’s biggest goals: the quest to health and longevity. This is easier said than done. If we want to succeed in this mission we need to build the right culture – a culture based excellence, creativity based on science, and love for serving human beings.

We’re building a team of diverse backgrounds, deeply rooted in technology and automations. It is our deep belief that a data-driven approach is the next step for people to be healthier and live longer. And so, we hire people who are passionate about creating new products with technology. We look for entrepreneurs who are comfortable with ambiguity and have a bias for action. We prefer to work with people who actually execute toward ideas, instead of just coming up with “smart ideas" all the time. But when the creative moment strikes, we try not to get in their way with complex processes and approvals.

In one word

In one word, we call these people Builders. It’s the type of person we want to see amongst us. At the root, builders create value in the world instead of taking or destroying it. They are optimists. They help build companies, make products and serve people because they want to improve the world. When builders make things people want, not only do they solve people problems, they also create jobs, grow the economy, and generate wealth in society.

Builders know that the only way to accomplish their mission is through relentless focus and hard work. They want to know how their work connects to a bigger mission and they use this mission as the North Star that drives everything they do. Builders are pro technology. They believe that science and engineering are the best levers we have to improve the world. Technology is the solution to the biggest problems in the world, from climate change to education, to healthcare. Technology helps productivity, efficiency, drives down costs, and connects people.

When it comes to choosing, it’s either a “hell yes" or a simple “no". Builders get passionate about the stuff they like and reject everything else. Mediocrity is their biggest enemy; a hidden force that can jeopardize any culture. Mediocre people get away with doing a “good enough job" but Builders insist on everyone doing excellent work, nothing less than that.

Builders support others who are trying to improve the world. They recognize that it’s easy to be a critic, but it’s hard to build something new that really helps people. They celebrate people who attempt the impossible and stumble (and sometimes fail), instead of criticizing, because they know how difficult it is to build. They are resilient and determined and working hard is their second nature.

They love joining teams where high performance is expected from everyone. It’s the highly demanding environment that makes them feel at home where they excel. They find it incredibly fulfilling to work on something that matters. That’s why they want to own a piece of the business they help create and grow, as a way to create wealth for themselves and their family but also because a sense of ownership is their natural way of doing everything.

Builders are great communicators. They can motivate and inspire others to build great stuff, work with them and achieve the unachievable. The have empathy, and they are equally good at both their craft and their soft skills, working in harmony with other people.

Sync is not a place for people who need a job. It’s a place for people who need a mission.